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Moon Shadow

Pandemic Fiction / Military Thriller By:
User: reggie600
Moon Shadow

When a new and potentially planet-killing contagion is discovered, Moon Shadow, an isolated resort town located in Alaska's primitive and rugged interior, becomes the focus of a military-style incursion.
Major Pepper, who is in charge of the operation, has the local residents rounded up into a razor-wire inclosed quarantine. Because of the danger of a potential pandemic, they are to be transferred to a more prison-like underground quarantine.
Two of the residents, Trevor, a young physician, and Jodie, an Earth Project environmentalist, are not having any of this obvious violation of human rights. They escape and are hunted down like fugitives with the full arsenal of the US Army at the Major's disposal. The two have to use a zip line to escape a three-story-burning lodge. When they seek refuge in an abandoned gold mine, the entrance is caved in by a missile strike.
The two fugitives do manage to find a way out of the mine and try to make their way back to civilization and safety by floating down river on a rubber raft. While fighting for their lives against nature and the deranged Major Pepper, the two begin to fall in love with each other. They discover they have more to live for than exposing the Major for his treachery and his murder of innocent civilians for the greater good.

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Posts and Comments
Andreas BookRix-Administrator

Moon Shadow - sounds like a lovely place. In this thriller it is, however, a place where you certainly don't want to be. An unknown virus was discovered in the small town within the heart of Alaska's wilderness and now Moon Shadow was isolated by army forces in order to keep the virus inside of the town. Two scientists, however, managa to escape from the prison-like scene, but are then hunted by the military.
The book is... Show more

Important Post
Deleted User

oh i wish if i could read it all but i only get to read the sample , i never thought i would be captivated by such story but it was wonderfully crafted and brilliantly pinned . job well done sir


Thanks so much Payalparande. Made my day.

Deleted User

and you made my days , it lingered on for for long time i guess brilliant stories has that effect on you , and please call me payal sir
and keep giving us these wonderful stories :)


Thanks Payal. Love your writing as well.

Important Post

Thanks so much for the shout out Chris-Jean. If you need me to read anything or help in promoting, just ask.

Important Post

A great opening, Reggie, which entices the reader to want to learn more.

I particularly love the way, in which you use Mariah's sad story to move the reader smoothly into Dr Bentley's & Jodie Gibson's dilemma.

Important Post

This is my nightmare - being stuck in an isolated town when disaster strikes! The pace is good and there are enough twists to keep you going, but not overwhelm. Lots of survival scenes that will leave you breathless with vivid northern scenery and well written characters. The characters are not only being chased by a deranged madman who is trying to quarantine them with a biological horror, they are also on the run in the... Show more


Thanks Rebecca. Made my day


No problem - I really enjoyed it!

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